Jan 6, 2010

Friendly sites for mobile~~

~friendly sites that we usually use for mobile~
respect all those company that concern with mobile user~~
1. twitter
since twitter got so many twitter client that can be use in ur phone such as, gravity, tweetie, twitterberry, peep,twim n etc~~
u can search perfectly like always, i never try gmail from my phone but they do not hv mobile version for blogger/blogspot sites.
3. Yahoo
I like the way they organize ur chat, ur email, perfectly organized in the mobile phone, except, if u want to delete ur mail u hv to open one by one n delete it, u cannot tick multi email n delete.
4. Facebook
u can easily update ur status,see ur notification~~but u cannot chat, u cannot open apps~~n limited number of post in one page
5. You tube, ebay, malaysian insider(i never search dis websites), my spaces, flickr n many more
never try before, but one of the top friendly site for mobile

etc~~keyword(mobile website list) =)

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