Jan 24, 2010

~Ultimate kek batik~=)

Full of Fat~~ =)

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Jan 9, 2010

Client for twitter~~

Client for twitter are an application that help user to receives and send updates without you opening twitter websites
in the past few weeks i've been testing the tweetdeck and twhirl on my laptop~n at last i choose tweetdeck, b'coz its a bit user friendly than twhirl~~

  • Tweet deck is free
  • friendly interface,
  • u can view only one frame or multiple frame that shows 'all friend updates','mentions','twitter recommendation' and 'messages'. 
  • easily updates ur status
  • n got so many features

  •  small
  • compact
  • but, i dont know how to configure it(try several time)
  • not really user friendly
once i click on the mentions name i dont how to get back, i try several time to click on home button still it doesnt work..maybe u can try it and tell me..=)

i do not know much about twitterrific, what i really know bout this client is for mac/apple user..i never try to install on my pc.but the logo is so adorable~~cute bird~~=)

other client for twitter~~TWEETIE, twitter Gadget, widgets, twitterfeed and many more
most of the twitter client is free, but there are version for phone that u have to paid to have the software, i think one of the example is gafitty or grafitti~~not so sure about the name~~Try this client for twitter..n u dont hv to open twitter website anymore~~=)

Jan 6, 2010

Friendly sites for mobile~~

~friendly sites that we usually use for mobile~
respect all those company that concern with mobile user~~
1. twitter
since twitter got so many twitter client that can be use in ur phone such as, gravity, tweetie, twitterberry, peep,twim n etc~~
u can search perfectly like always, i never try gmail from my phone but they do not hv mobile version for blogger/blogspot sites.
3. Yahoo
I like the way they organize ur chat, ur email, perfectly organized in the mobile phone, except, if u want to delete ur mail u hv to open one by one n delete it, u cannot tick multi email n delete.
4. Facebook
u can easily update ur status,see ur notification~~but u cannot chat, u cannot open apps~~n limited number of post in one page
5. You tube, ebay, malaysian insider(i never search dis websites), my spaces, flickr n many more
never try before, but one of the top friendly site for mobile

etc~~keyword(mobile website list) =)

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