Mar 20, 2010

installing OS in virtual box

simple n quick~=)
  1. assume you already have install virtual box, you can see vitual box menu under application --->system tools ----> virtual box
  2. create new 
  3. the new virtual machine wizard will be open click next
  4. type name of the virtual machine name that you desired
  5. choose the OS type operating system and version
  6. Select the amount of memory if you use much just set as the deafult
  7. create the new hard disk
  8. next again
  9. choose dynamically expanding storage and next
  10. choose location and size or leave it as default
  11. and finish!
Thats not still need to put ubuntu disk and continue install normal installation

  1. insert your latest ubuntu cd
  2. click at setting
  3. at the menu on the left site of the setting for your os click at storage 
  4. change the CD/DVD device path to the path cd that you already install
  5. click ok
  6. start your os then it will be boot like normal installation
  7. the end~

 now i got another ubuntu in my ubuntu~=)

Mar 5, 2010

Basic command in ubuntu~=)

Basic command that i always forgot but i always need to use it

To go into root
#sudo su
To install anything
#sudo apt-get install (name)
To remove installation file
#sudo apt-get remove (name)
To go to any directory
#cd /
To go to previous directory
#cd ..
To unzip file
# gunzip (file name)
To untar file
#tar -xvf (filename)
To copy file from folder to folder
# cp /etc/folder/filename /destinationfolder/
To remove directory/folder
#rm -rf folder name
To remove file
#rm filename
To make new directory / folder
#mkdir folder name
To list all file in the folder
To open file
#sudo gedit filename.ext

Continue next time~~~=)
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