Dec 11, 2009


when mdm start to ask about our email, aku rasa sgt kelakar..
how many use hotmail?
how many use yahoo?
how many use gmail?
suddenly aku xnak ngaku aku pun pengguna hotmail n yahoo~~bler dh umur 23 n dh nak graduate + u r graduating with specialization in computer security u start to realized all the ridiculous email name..haha~~
start when i was in standard 4..ske mengikut kakak aku pi kerja n start doing my first email using hotmail~~i dont know how i come out with email name yg totally not my name n totally pelik~~i think i should move that email lgpn sume org xtau nama email tu~~keep it secret..haha..
then bler masuk secondary..kecoh nak wat yahoo nak wat nama plik2 aku pun nak wat plik2 jgk~~letakla nak letak huruf x aku pn nak letak huruf lame..haha..i use this email address till now..but start to think weird..n some of my friends ada yg tnya what is the secret thing about the number n x~~i dont know~~the 33 is juz no blakang matrik aku time skolah~~haha..the x is gatal to follow other people email name..
bler start nk practical n nk antar resume aku start buat gmail n with my full name n aku pki sgt2 gmail skang..all document yg aku tulis memerlukan email semua dipenuhi ngan gmail n no more yahoo..huhu..even hotmail..start to forgot that i have hotmail~~haha..sekali sebulan buka~i luv my gmail so much..i dont know y~~hehe


Khairina Abu Bakar said...

agak2 dah up lagi nanti gelak tak tgk name email gmail tu? hehe

atie said...

xgelak mdm raja said..skang dh we have to be more than this~~~huk3

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